Tuesday, 29 June 2010

That's the first page of Pitt: In the Blood. Dale let me go and write, pencil and ink this baby all on my lonesome.

Apparently this issue and all of the Pitt Crew series are actually pretty hard to track down. I looked and couldn't find any copies in my collection and it seems that most online retailers only have a copy or two at best. I know it's anecdotal evidence at best, but that tells me that the books were under-ordered and probably more popular than understood despite the character being absent from publishing for all but three issues of Pitt/The Darkness last year.

By the way, I've started posting my artwork over at Comicartfans.com -- mostly the artist trading cards I've done, but also many of the pages I've been posting here recently. The link can also be found to the right in the box labelled "Personal Links". I've had a number of people ask for artwork and I've always been too disorganized to know what I had available and where to look for it, so this is a part of that whole getting organized I hear works for other folks!


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