Thursday 1 January 2015

Goodbye 2014

Goodbye 2014.

A great many things have started to change in 2014 and will result in a very different world and life for me in 2015.

Come this spring, I’ll be living on my own.  A change that’s long overdue, which will likely result in a domino-effect of related changes in my life. I’ll be travelling onward, and, as happens when you are in motion, things get left behind.

For the last seven years I’ve started off the annum with a zombie drawing.  It started with my deciding a blog was a thing to have.  I used Blogger and kept that going  strongly until this year.  That ends now.  I expect the blog I started seven years ago will be left as is as I move on as well.  Consider the winged death I quickly put together today  a farewell to dead things to announce the new year.

I think it’s time to shed the shambling, mindless zombie for something more in line with how I want to leave that behind.  Zombies are mindless and shambling, dead things.  Feeding on the living and contributing nothing new.  In hindsight, that was a horrible choice to start out each new year, but it may have represented part of where I saw myself.  

So I drew Death.  

In the Tarot, Death symbolises change.  2015, if nothing else, will be full of change.  The easiest thing to change is what I draw to start the new year.

Perhaps the first new piece will be something as fantastical - -dragons, wizards, witches, gods… .  Not certain yet which direction I’ll go other than forward.

In moving forward I expect I’ll still do some of the old things, perhaps in new ways.  I’ll make new discoveries and new mistakes and, as a result, hopefully become a better person and artist.

I hope you all will be companions on this journey.

Happy new year, everyone.  

May 2015 be full of joy, adventure, and wondrous mystery.  May you find respite from troubles and shelter from the storms.  May you find renewed pleasure in what you already have, and discover happiness in unexpected places. May your woes lessen and your burdens be lightened.  May you give and receive love freely.  And may you awake every day looking forward to everything it brings and lay your head down at night satisfied with what you accomplished.

~Richard Pace

I will post a new link here to wherever I decide to blog going forward as a final post, when that decision is made.