Tuesday 7 December 2010

Rough and Unready

Jeez -- feels like I blinked and a month passed! I got knocked on my ass by a heavy-duty cold earlier and have been playing catch up since.

I was tidying the studio this past weekend and an envelope of old sketches turned up, so I thought I'd share them since everything else I'm working on is bound by NDAs at the moment.

I think I shared a scan of the Rune cover rough before, but not the rough adjacent to it. I drew 'em on tracing paper for some reason and the paper has been through a bit.

The rough and a photocopy of the finished (unused) solicitation art for my Pitt one-shot.

I did a cover for an Arthurian novel years back. Was pretty proud of it at the time, but it was based on a rough I was less than enthused about (top left guy with sword). I really wanted to do the portrait of the lady with the freaky hands holding the roses in front of a rose hedge.
I think I would have been happy painting the weird court tableau as well. I am rightly embarrassed over the horse in the other sketch..
Two roughs for another cover -- the one used wasn't included in the envelope. It was an in your face painting that was the last acrylic painting I ever completed. I preferred the two roughs here to the one used -- seems to be a common event in most freelancers' lives.
I really grew to hate acrylics over the years and it was having a negative effect on me and the work. I think i started another painting for the same company shortly after and ended up quitting in disgust and self-loathing over the progress.

Not sure what this was for - -perhaps an abandoned idea for an Unknown Armies RPG cover I like the basic idea here, but the drawing and gesture is atrocious.

The semester is winding down and I have a very light course load for the next, so I believe i can start producing more regular updates within a week or so -- perhaps a return to sketch-cards.