Wednesday 23 March 2011

WizardWorld Toronto Sketches

Some people are great at taking photos of their con sketches;  I'm not one of them.  I usually end up never seeing the sketches again, however, at times, I get scans sent to me or end up finishing the work outside of the con hours and can get a scan made before I give it to the fan (like the Green Lantern/Sinestro sketch I posted over the weekend).

I met Marc Wolfe at the Toronto Fan Expo last year. He's a helluva great guy and a damn fine artist -- as you can see here. He started a sketchbook for his very young son, Ronin, and I got to be among the first to contribute to it!

Did this one in the studio Sunday morning before heading in for the final day.  I think I hit all the usual Conan expectations with this one.


Sunday 20 March 2011

Green Lantern and Sinestro Sketch

Sketch from Wizard World Toronto Saturday.
Penciled it at the show and finished it at home -- so much calmer in the studio even though I'm really enjoying being at the show sitting with the likes of Dale Keown, Agnes Grabowska and Andy Belanger.

Copics on 11x14" Bristol


Friday 18 March 2011

Devil Reef, Innsmouth

I've finished the first piece of promotional artwork for my adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

I'll have prints of this available at Wizard World Toronto this weekend.


Tuesday 15 March 2011

New Blog Header

Finally got around to finishing up a new header for the blog.  This is only the third one since I started it a few years back and, considering the idea was to do a new header every month or so, I'm only around 33 headers behind schedule.

I've actually got an idea file for headers, just not enough time to execute them.  The above is based on a crocodile, but as I didn't bother digging up any reference and made some odd choices here and there, I think it would be unfair to crocodiles to consider this monster among them.

Wish I was able to finish it a few weeks earlier as I've a mind to use this as the basis for a business card (which I never seem to get round to printing).

This weekend I'll be a guest at Wizard World Toronto along with fine folks like Dale Keown, Ty Templeton, Keiren Smith, Sam Agro, Ken Lashley and host of other awesome people.

I've been asked to bring along prints of the recent Transmetropolitan piece I did (which I will) and maybe a few other things.

Hope to see you there!


Monday 14 March 2011

Massive Marvel Beginnings: X-Women 8-card puzzle

Rogue, Storm, Kitty, and Emma.

I did a large number of puzzle-sets for Upper Deck's Marvel Beginnings and I was torn between putting them up a piece a day or all at once.  Since I'm rotating in Thor sketch cards as well, some of these puzzle sets could end up being strung out for weeks, so I decided I'd pop up a complete puzzle set every Monday until I run out.

I'm  saving the big 16-card puzzle for the last Monday I'll do this.