Friday 29 March 2013

Figure Drawing March 28

A sampling from this week's Open Studio Figure Drawing session.  Used some willow charcoal in addition to regular charcoal for the first time in ages;  forgot how much versatility it had (and I also forgot how much of it will literally fall off the paper if you roll it it up to pop into a tube).  Just a gesture and a pair of longer studies.  Next week is the last of the sessions -- already going to miss the weekly life drawing.  There's so little of it available out in my area.


Sketching a Head

Made this for my class and a friend suggested I might want to share it online.  It starts with the premise you have to learn the facial/skull anatomy no matter what construction method you use, so it's likely better to start with the shape of the head you want to draw rather than force a circle, block or cylinder into that shape.

There was a whole lot of talking and demonstrations that went along with this handout, but I'm not too keen to type all that up right now.  If you've any specific questions, feel free to ask in a comment.


Tuesday 26 March 2013

Monday 25 March 2013

Gestures - March 21

Still catching up on posting some pics of the work from the Open Studio Figure Drawing sessions.  Above is a sampling of the 1-minute gestures with Kiera-Arielle.


Sunday 24 March 2013

Figure Drawing March 14

Catching up on a few things -- including posting a few pics from the open figure drawing session two weeks back.  Some of the rust in my life drawing is shaking loose, but it's still rough.

Caught some interesting shadows from a studio window and liked the cool blue light colliding with the warm golden light inside the studio so I kept clicking them despite the potential for distraction.

The model, Andrae, was spectacular and will be returning for the next session at Durham College on the 28th.


Friday 15 March 2013

Nightmare - Outland Collective

I little while ago I joined an artist group called The Outland Collective.  Every month they do a sketch challenge and the above is a portion of my first entry there.  This month the subject is 'nightmare'.

I'd love it if you all would click on over and see the fine bunch of people producing some amazing artwork there and, perhaps, take a peek at the whole sketch I did!


Tuesday 12 March 2013

Figure Drawing 7 March 2013

Organised a series of five open studio figure drawing sessions at Durham College for Thursday evenings.  Open studio means anyone can drop in to draw (after paying the $10 model fee) and it isn't an instructed class.  Last week was the first session. . . 



10 minutes

15 minutes

 All are charcoal on cartridge paper.

If you're in the Oshawa area Thursday night, I can't think of a better thing you could be doing!


Sunday 10 March 2013

Toronto Comicon Day Two Sketches

I added some black linework on the Thor with a Copic after the black pencil crayon could only go as dark as a pencil on the stock used for the cover, but that was after the pic was taken.

And another Wolverine.

Toronto Comicon 2013 Day One

First day of the 2013 Toronto Comicon has wrapped and I'm off for the second in a few hours.