Thursday 24 April 2008

Process stuff

Above are a bunch more character sketches for the X&X story I was supposed to start work on wayyyyy back in January. The owner of the world's most popular fantasy role-playing game finally gave approval about three weeks back, but I am too overcommited to continue with it on the new, very tight deadline.

These are the thumbnails I did for the 20 pages. These were enlarged, printed out in blue on 11x17"paper then tightened before tracing them to 2-ply bristol board. I also built a 3-D model of the tavern interior in Google Sketchup to make the backgrounds go faster.

Been playing with Sketchup for a while now -- it's a pretty simple and versatile tool for the comics artist. Some of my pals are suggesting other programs, which I should try as well.


Note --I've been asked to remove specific mention of the company who owns the licensed property and the property itself as it might mess with the contract between the publisher and the IP owner.