Friday 4 May 2012

Queen of Neverwas & FCBD

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like these last few months -- there was a health issue as well as a work crunch, but the largest issue was this aging computer and my attempts to keep it going.  I've had to relent and order a new computer after losing far too much time fighting a losing battle in keeping my little XP driven box working.  All sorts of things fell by the wayside including several Burning Itches, which I really regret as some, I thought, were quite clever if not funny.

One thing that did come of all this was my rediscovering other things I'd put aside over the years while going through the archives in this hard drive as I start prepping for the new machine.  I'd started the above painting back in the August of 2010 with the notion of making a print of it for the FanExpo that month.  I wasn't happy with the progress so put it aside to work on it later, which turned out to be this evening after dealing with yet another computer crash.


It's Free Comic Book Day this weekend and Dale Keown and I will be the guests at Comic Book Addiction in Whitby!  I'll do sketches and have prints (including the one above, though it'll be in the back of my print book since FCBD does skew toward all ages material).  If my computer allows I'll be able to finish the piece I was working on specifically for this FCBD.
Not sure if or when I'll return to doing Burning Itch once I have a more stable digital working environment -- I already planned on ending it in October to replace it with something else, so I'll have to think about that.  If you really want them back, do let me know!