Friday, 4 June 2010

Jungle Girl update


I'm rendering in the values in black and white. At this point she kinda looks a bit like Storm from the X-Men, though I'm intending to lighten the values to make her flesh tones that ghostly-white that so many of Fritz's women had. When I start to colour I might change my mind -- it depends on how the overall piece starts fitting together when I start blocking in background and colour.

Thinking I might make the cat a jaguar, though a reddish orange tiger would pop from the greens I'm envisioning for the environment. Many hours to make up my mind as I start toning the cat then putting together a speedpaint for the background. For that, it's gotta be overgrown ruins of some sort.

1 comment:

Sinj said...

This is looking great!
I am sure whatever you decide will work out well.