Thursday 31 January 2008


Had to draw some Hulk stuff. Trying to capture that overwhelming rage the Hulk is supposed to be in.

Wednesday 30 January 2008

E.M. Gist's Dead of the Day

Found this announcement through Steve Niles' forum. EM Gist is going to draw a zombie a day for three months.
Wow. Wish I thought of something like that!
The scrawl above is a doodle of mine. Follow the link to see Gist's way cooler and gorier zombies!

Tuesday 22 January 2008

LMS3 Entry

There it is. I'm okay with it.
I'm gonna get my butt handed to me because my competition is just blowing me away, but I'm cool with that.
Follow the link to to see all the entries!
(yeah -- I watched the Green Bay game . . . )

Sunday 20 January 2008

Last Man Standing 3

I entered Last Man Standing 3 which is a burgeoning tradition over at The theme Beneath it All messed with my head some as I kept coming up with ideas and rejecting them.
I finished my entry (yay) hours ahead of the deadline (also yay), but I'mpretty sure I read somewhere on the LMS3 thread on the forums it was requested that we don't share the work until after the whole of the entries are posted.
I really wanna share, so I'll let a few preliminary pieces out:

The initial figure sketch -- this would be scanned in, the tonal value and textures played with, additional elements addes to the whole work and eventually colourized in CS2 before porting it off to Painter for digital painting.

This is a wing -- I only drew the one. The magic of modern technology allowed me to get away with just drawing the one.

I'll post the finished piece as soon as the lot of them go live over at conceptart.

Monday 14 January 2008

Mmmmm -- Playoffs!

Last two weeks have had some amazing NFL playoff football.
Yesterday had a major upset with the roundly expected to win Cowboys losing to the Giants!
NFC championship in Green bay on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field!
BTW -- drawing from paused TV is kinda fun!

Monday 7 January 2008

Much Better

It's good when stress just melts away like that!

I'll post some artwork later when I'm at home!


Sunday 6 January 2008

(sarcasm on) I'm Having a Nice Weekend (sarcasm off)

So, everything seems to be going fine . . .
. . . then I have a Friday like I just had.
Oh, one that feels more or less like this:
Not the best way to enter a weekend.
Now, I literally didn't get hit in the head with a rock, but I'm going to run with this since I already did the doodle.
Weirdly enough, I was sort of prepared to be hit in the head with a rock because someone told me "Hey, you might get a rock thrown at your head if X happens". However, I expected to have the option of ducking, or at least having someone explain to me why the only option after X happens is for me to take a rock to the noggin'.
So, of course X did happen. Nothing could really be done about X. Then, of course, I get a rock to the head. No effort was taken to meet my rock-to-the-head expectations, and it seems ducking wasn't an option.
This is me pissed-off.
I now have to wait until Monday to get this whole rock-to-my-head thing explained to my satisfaction. I really don't see how it can be.
Then I get to explain that this might end badly for everyone but me.