Wednesday 28 March 2007

Out of Commission

Did this as a comission a while back, had to hold off posting until I actually heard that the client liked it. It was really fun to do - -a break from my other, more serious work.
I used to do tons of comissions back in the 90s, but then I had a series of them go really bad on me: some were damaged in transit despite very secure packaging, one never arrived (as far as I can tell), and another was essentially stolen. I did a three-page wide Hulk/Pitt/Thing/Abomination/couple-other-big-guys-I-forget for a what was supposed to be a considerable amount of money. I got the advance very fast, did the piece and sent it out (via a trackable shipping method). The piece went missing after it was delivered. He claimed he wasn't the one who signed for the package.
Sigh. . .
A few months later it shows up on eBay and the contact info tracks back to him. EBay pulled the auction immediately after I complained, but it never was resolved to my satisfaction. That kinda soured me on comissions.
Now I do them digitally and get paid all in advance. Nothing gets lost in the mail.

Sunday 11 March 2007


Don't know where this one came from.
Maybe the China Mieville stuff I've been reading has dredged up some Lovecraftian imagery.
. . . Or maybe I just like drawing tentacles.

Saturday 10 March 2007


Been a while -- sorry! Was waiting for a response from a person I did a piece for to post it here, and time kinda got away from me and I still haven't heard back.

So -- here's something from the sketchbook:

It's inspired China Mieville's New Crobuzon books; Perdido Street Station, The Scar, and Iron Council. In these books, criminals -- both political and otherwise -- are punished by being remade in the punishment factories. These poor sods have bits from other creatures, people or even machines grafted into or onto their bodies, creating a permanent slave class.

The guy above is probably not a good example of the sort of remade you'd typically see in the books, but just shows where my mind wandered to after reading these most excellent books.

I read the above three books and his short story collection, Looking for Jake, in quite a short period of time. These fantasy books are overflowing with imagination owing far more to Lovecraft and Steinbeck than Tolkien. The short story, The Tain, is a remarkable modern fantasy-post-apocalyptic tale and probably my favourite thing the guy's written.