Thursday, 15 July 2010

More Starman

There was an extended talking head sequence near the end of the issue between the Will payton Starman and the two baddies, Brian and Stine Bodine, holding a waitress named Gladys hostage.

James made a point of asking for close-ups -- perhaps by way of compensating for two 9-panel pages which usually set contemporary artists into seizures of stress -- but there really wans't a sense of the place this was happening in and I really didn't want to ruin the flow of what James was intending with the character repartee by pulling back to show how desolate Turk County is.
Making the panels smaller, more claustrophobic and intimate allowed me to essentially draw a wasteland landscape across both pages behind the talking heads.

Wade von Grawbadger really made me look good here, too.

Another thing I did, though I made sure it wasn't integral to the story, was make sure the background for both pages would read as a single image if I was lucky enough to have them facing each other.

There are rules for double-spreads and they're usually frowned on by editorial as the ad pages can change right up until printing and make it difficult to get the pages to flow in a decent manner. So I just drew them as regular bleed pages (whihc is why the art doesn't match up exactly - -I never got to talk to Wade and let him know what I was doing) and crossed my fingers.

I can't recall if they ended up facing each other in the issue, but they aren't in Starman Omnibus 3.

Yeah, it's more older work, but it's a little more recent than the ancient Nosferatu pages.

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