Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fanexpo 2010 Day Three (a day late)

Got up way too early to get cracking on the pile of work I have to do this week and I found this in my e-mail in-box:

This pic of one of a Conan piece I forgot to take a photo of at the con! Awesome start to the day!
Thanks again, David!

I had a great time at the convention, even though I (and reportedly so many others) had issues getting back into the MTCC if they left. The gentleman who originally commissioned the above Conan e-mailed me yesterday telling me the re-entry line-up put him past his alloted time to be at the show.

I chalk it up to growing pains for the con and expect that problems had this year will not repeat next year.

The next con I'm planning on attending is the October 8-10 NYCC, though I'm really using that as an excuse to visit NY again since I haven't gone in nearly ten years.

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kev ferrara said...

Lot of power in this one.