Sunday, 14 December 2008

Wee Little Moleskine

So, with so many of my friends and acquaintences using and suggesting that Moleskine sketchbooks were something special (with a few notable exceptions), I decided to get a couple; a pocket-sized one and the larger one. I'm finishing off another 8.5x11" hardcover one, so I decided to put off trying the larger one till after, but just had to start doing something with the pocket one.

Well, right off, the elastic band to close the book, the bookmark ribbon and rear endpaper pocket are neat to have, but haven't been perks yet. The paper is weirdly thick; like 1-ply smooth cream-coloured bristol board. Now, I like drawing on smooth bristol, so this is a plus.
Decided the book would be entirely goofball stuff out of my head, thus Tubby Peepers shows up on the "address and reward" page. In a moment of paranoia I Pshopped the address and reward out. . . .

The strange thing about the book, to me anyway, is that I never draw on small paper. I often doodle a fair bit and some of those doodles are quite small, but it's always on 8.5x11" paper or larger, so getting a feel for this tiny book is job #1, I guess.

Maybe because somewhere in the back of my head I'm thinking about how this little book is probably has the highest price to drawing surface ratio of any sketchbook I've owned, I find myself drawing in stuff to fill the pages. Not an onerous task when the pages are 3x5", but it's an odd shift from how I work with my typical books. Just pencil so far, though I've been told that ink goes wonderfully on these pages.

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