Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sumpthin' in Process

Waiting to hear back before proceeding on a few things, so I decided to work up a few things for myself.
Thinking of turing the above into a painting and I'm thinking I'll keep a development log on me blog. I usually do all my drawing on bong first, but the above was sketched in Pshop.


Larissa Thomas said...

you do your drawings on the bong?

it looks good

Unknown said...


No, found out in college I can't draw very well when I'm stoned. A few drinks are fine, but pot just wrecked my focus.


Keith Grachow said...

Good to see you passing on instruction still. I like that you are really breaking down the process starting with step A and going to B instead of jumping 20 steps ahead to like the letter u.

As much as I love life drawing in the ole sketchbook, I have been so unfocused with it this past semester. As you said, it should be your diary, with lots of freedom to put down what tickles your funny bone. I felt too restricted in my life drawing sketchbook this semester. That's why I had a fuckaround sketchbook, that was not shown in lifedrawing.

Unknown said...

Yeah -- this feels pretty rewarding already. I think I'm gonna try to have two streams of instruction running; one being this most basic of skills development and another one dealing with more advanced information usage. Constructive imaginative anatomy, perhaps. I already have a pile of notes for the class that I never got to teach.