Monday, 1 December 2008

Un-life drawing

Here's a sampling of the life drawing I did last week at the Toronto School of Art:

Like I said last entry, it was a fine experience for the most part, though I do prefer far more than 15 gestures out of 3 hours of drawing. maybe I'm just really old and set in my ways or I'm just that rusty!

A large number of 5-minute and 15-minute poses were taken. I've never been a huge fan of 5 or 15 minute drawings (without a specific exercise in mind) as they seem to end just as I'm really getting into them.

So, I'm posting these as the best of the lot, even though they're painful for me to look at. So much rust I have to shake off before I think I can get back to thinking about improving.

I'm gonna try to do a least 2 sessions with the model a month, though I'll be aiming for 3. Hopefully the blog can serve as a track of either my improvement or abject failure!
I'm gonna try to find a few different venues for life drawing to take in different environments and atmospheres, so if anyone knows of open life drawing sessions North east and East of downtown Toronto, please let me know!


John Bivens said...

I gotta say, when life drawing, 30 second to 2 minute gesture drawing was always my favorite part of the session.

Always nice to see stuff like this.

John Bivens

Unknown said...

I agree, I do love those quick gestures. When I was teaching Life Drawing we'd usually do at least 50 a class.

What I'm looking forward to after I have a few more sessions to shake off the rust and such is how much more I'll be able to do in the time allowed.