Thursday, 13 September 2007

Kilowog, ya Poozers!

Always liked this character -- I think I first saw him during the Englehart/Staton run on Green Lantern/The Green Lantern Corps back in the mid 80s.

As much as I'd like to draw Hal Jordan (the GL I first encountered) for being the most archetypical science fiction hero in comics, or Guy Gardner for being a nifty tough-guy jerk, I think Kilowog would be an absolute blast to draw for a solo adventure or mini series.*

I do have some affection for the weird Popeye style arms he used to have, but I do like to draw massive arms, so the current Ethan Van Sciver designed iteration is more to my drawing tastes.

Decided to take a few moments to get the hand on Kilowog's weird hippo-face:

Like the Pitt sketches I posted earlier -- you can see the awkwardness in the first doodle, I'm getting a feel for how I wanna see this going in the second, but it's still gawdawful, the alst twoo are okay --I think I have a feel for how I want his face-stumps to work and how his head is shaped.

The next page, I think I'm on the right track. The open-mouth shot doesn't do it for me -- EVS did a cool shot into Kilowog's mouth in an early GL issue (latest series), I might dig it out since I seem to recall it being really hippo-ish.

Kilowog's Popeye arms could be (sorta) brought back by just making his three-fingered hands and forearms slightly disproportionately larger and more powerful looking.

*Yeah - if Garth Ennis, or similarly twisted writer, were to write a zombie Ch'p story, I'd draw that, too.

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