Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Dr. Sketchy's

Monday Night I went to The Cameron House on Queen West for Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Toronto.
I warmed up with a drawing of this huge pink teddy bear. . .

After a few weeks teaching back in the (correctly) structured environment of Beginning Life Drawing 1 at Max the Mutt, it was fun to draw with a beer in reach, an eclectic range of music pumping out of the overhead speakers (Blondie and Corey Hart were a pleasant surprise for this dinosaur amongst the pierced) and a model, Lena Love, in better shape than any other I've ever drawn.

I swear, I think she could have broken every man in the room with ease -- not that a gathering of artists in Downtown TO would be likely to attract the kind of guys that'd give her a challenge, but I meander. . .
You really don't wanna know what she did to the teddy bear --I ended up giving her that drawing, so you're out of luck if you do want to know.

The blacklight drawing was interesting. . . .
I'm certainly hoping to attend the next one in about two weeks.

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