Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Started doodling a character I hadn't drawn in far too long: Dale Keown's Pitt:

Gah! Ugh -- you can see the rust in that drawing. . . .

So I quickly did a few more doodles to warm up to the character again:

. . .a little bit better. I think my hands were starting to get the feel of the character again. Pitt was always fun to draw - -I'll see if I can find some time to do something more finished before too long.

Dale's still working on Darkness/Pitt, so you're gonna have to wait on that, but the Pitt action figure came out this past August . It's some sort of incentive item where you buy one toy and you get a piece of the Pitt toy -- it sure as hell looks worth it!


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CandleLightDreams said...

Hello Mr. Pace,

It is great to see you sketching PITT again. I truly enjoyed your vision of PITT in "PITT In The Blood", and was lucky enough to acquire from you one of your original pages. It was many years ago back in 1998 at the Toronto Comic Con. Recently I began to commission sketch cards of PITT to go with the Intrepid PITT trading card set, and was wondering if I may have the opportunity to ask you for a commission to sketch for me your vision of PITT on a blank sketch card. I can send the funds/payment by mail, and I will also send an SASE so all that you will have to do is drop it in the mail when you are done. I thank you for taking the time in reviewing my comment, and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

Many Thanks,