Monday, 24 May 2010

Robert E. Howard Illustration

Years ago there was a half-assed publisher supposedly dedicated to the works of Robert E. Howard, Cross Plains Comics. They only published a handful of books with some good talent but really weak design and production choices. Like any Howard fan, I immediately had high hopes for the company upon hearing about it, but saw them dashed pretty quickly despite a few really good projects sporadically coming out before the company started publishing weird super-hero things.

I did contribute to one of the books they published, Robert E. Howard HORROR, illustrating a Howard poem. Never saw the printed book, either at the store or received a complimentary copy from the company, so I have no idea if the black and white book was worth the 5.95 cover price back in 2000. I had completely forgot I drew the piece until I stumbled across a print-size copy in a drawer today. Might have the original art somewhere around -- no idea. The above image is a scan of the slightly battered copy.

CPC faded away -- no idea what happened to the guy running it -- I think he was a former Marvel editor. Hope they landed on their feet somewhere.

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