Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sketch Card for May 3 - Vampirella 1/5

Back after an unexpected and unwanted week off.
We're having a pretty severe allergy season up here and it literally put me on my back at the beginning of last week. I made attempts to do the sketch cards, but was pretty disappointed with the results and I was barely able to meet the schedule for my other assignments.

So, I decided to put aside my theme for last week for some other time and go to something a little easier on my still-itchy eyes! Vampirella. Love the character and I'd love to do something with her at some point in the future. I developed an interest beyond drawing her back in the 90s when Harris Comics tapped me to write and draw a 4-issue mini series. I think I might have described what happened on the blog before.


Ty Templeton said...

I'm not sure I recall what happened with Harris and you. I have my own horror stories of Harris...though I did enjoy my own brief period of working on Vampirella, I could have done without being talked into the Charlie's Angels comic that shall never be discussed!

Unknown said...

When they let their comics editor go all the not-yet solicited Vampi projects that tied into her current super-heroish take were canned.

I recall the parody book you were going to do, but I didn't know you actually got to do Vampi. I'm not a little bit jealous. No, really!

I'm not.

Charlie's Angels? Too bad you won't discuss it. . .

Still not jealous.