Monday, 20 July 2009

Dr Sketchy's Retro Art Show WIP1

So -- tweaked the drawing a wee bit, played with the composition, built the background in sketchup and decided that I wanted the model to take a different pose. . . . .
. . . The problem with that, of course, is that the model is nowhere near my studio.

Several thumbnails later I come up with the pose that captures what I want -- Laura (I hope I'm remembering her name), was wearing and ankle bracelet and a toe ring or two and I want to emphasise it without having the feet point into a corner. Solution -- she's playing with one of the cushions with her feet. I think the "action" being more central and vertical will allow me to use other elements to maintain the composition.
The figure becomes more generic -- though I think I should be able to tweak this likeness towards Laura as I work.
Next up -- putting all the pieces together, blocking in values and thinking about colour. . . .

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Laura said...

Hi Richard! Love the 1st drawing sketch in this post. Is there any way I could get a high-res scan of it? It really looks like me! Love the final painting too of course!