Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Carrie Catcher

I end up with some odd assignments every now and again that just fall into my lap. During the swarm of work this past spring I was asked to draw a group caricature as a part of a corporate retirement gift. The deadline was tight, but it seemed a challenge and a nice change of pace from all the perspective drawing I was working with at the time.
It was many years since my last stab at caricature and I was given the one group photo to work from, even though I would have preferred a few of each person so I wouldn't be guessing so much when distorting or exagerrating the features.
Some colour was quickly applied, as well as some asked-for text and the clients were very happy.
One of the best aspects of being an illustrator who can draw reasonably realistically is that there's an inherent versatility in the sorts of assignments you can take. I wish I had photos of the time I designed several cartoony space aliens and participated them being made into 3D props for a theme party.

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