Thursday, 13 March 2014

Midnight Harvest - That Innsmouth Look

Another of the coloured pieces from my upcoming Midnight Harvest art book.

Original pen and ink image can be seen here:



Todd Merrick Novak (aka beanlynch) said...

I think your stuff is great and I'm going to be following your blog now. But with the breasts, give them a little more gravity in your pieces. In a few of these the lowest point seems to be where they connect to body. I'm not saying you should draw saggy unidealized breasts. Even just a little dip shows a sense of gravity and a natural sense of weight and curves. I think that's one of the things that Frazetta did with the female figure, really capturing the natural curves, weight, and gravity, that is so much more appealing than other fantasy artists whose models seem to have the unnatural and unappealing shape of silicone. I'm not at all suggesting your stuff is like that. I think it's great. My suggestion is not at all meant to diminish your talent or my enthusiasm for it.

Unknown said...

You mean, something along these lines: