Saturday, 15 March 2014

Freyr and Freya

Freyr and Freya from Perna Studios's upcoming Mythology II card set.

This piece is actually being made into two base cards for the set.



grodog said...

Very nice, Richard---a nice springy-piece after the dark winters of Midnight Harvest!


Unknown said...

Thanks Allan,

As I recall, this was done during the time I was also drawing the daily Midnight Harvest pieces. It was a much needed bit of sunshine.


David Dashifen Kees said...

Hello. There's no need to let this go through to the public site if you don't want to, but I'm an editor at the Patheos Pagan Channel's blog named the Agora (

One of my authors wanted to use this art work on a recent post about Freyr and I'm just seeking permission to do so. Since the author gave me the post this morning at about 1 AM for a noon Eastern publication, I'm going to add it with credit to you, your blog, and this link. That said, please contact me at if you want me to remove the image from the site.

Thank you!