Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Closure Inktober 29

29th of the 31 Inktober drawings for the month. Decided to add a few other elements to the project; I’m limiting myself to scrap paper from around the studio (I’ve a significant amount of high quality papers of various sorts laying about) and everything has to have an October/Halloween feel to it.

ink on 5.5 x 7.5” plate 400 series Strathmore Bristol.

This one really fought back.  I actually finished a different version, but decided it didn't really deliver what I was seeing in my imagination.  The second attempt was going much better until a the dropper from an ink bottle was knocked across it.  Almost gave up and went with the lesser version, but scanned and saved what I could of the ruined version then printed it out in blue so I could ink it again.  I think it might be the most disturbing of the Inktober drawings I've done, so I guess that makes the trouble worthwhile.


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