Tuesday, 19 July 2011

18 July -- Dr. Sketchy's with Percy Kat

Last night was another in the limited summer run of Dr. Sketchy's events in Toronto.  It was another sweltering night in Toronto.  I'm starting to think rain is a lie or nature is responding to Rob Ford being elected as mayor and shutting down in horror.

Percy Kat was the model and it felt very much like a 70s genre revue; he first emerged from behind the red curtain looking like a supporting character from Barbarella:

 As the night progressed and the heat wore away and my focus I went back to this drawing and rendered it up a bit.

1-minute gestures were the start -- as usual.

Followed by 5-minute poses. . . .

 After the break Percy came out smothered in gold glitter and make-up and a hat that would have looked at home on Whoopi Goldberg's head from her role in the Star Trek series.

The challenge was the best incorporation of James Bond and this was the best I could do.

Sorry. . . .

The last costume change and Percy wore a wig that put this image in my head:

And so my brain was fried for the last of the night even though I made a few more feeble attempts at drawing.

 Despite the oppressive, soul-devouring heat, it was a great night out sketching with like-minded deviants.

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