Tuesday, 12 July 2011

11 July 2011 Dr. Sketchy's with Obskyura

 I made it to my first Dr. Sketchy's in about a year and I don't think I could have picked a better session to return to.  Obskyura was a delight to draw and a pleasure to observe. This was her second Sketchy appearance, butI missed her first go round, sadly

Started off with gestures:
 Then a few 5-minute sketches:
Followed by the first challenge; incorporate either Admiral Akbar and his famous "It's a trap!" line or something Star Wars related.  This is all I could come up with. . . .
 Obskyura returned  as a befanged lady in red:
 The second challenge was incorporating your least favourite vampire.  The drawing was an awful Pattinson caricature that won just because I make a joke about vampires lacking a heartbeat ensuring their penises will never rise from the grave.

Last batch was a lovely barbarian queen costume with an outrageous wig.

I limited myself to just pencils and a marker, leaving my overstocked art kit at home.

More next week.

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Julia said...

Wow great sketches! I love the Yoda one xD I wish you had put up the Pattison caricature though.