Monday, 14 March 2011

Massive Marvel Beginnings: X-Women 8-card puzzle

Rogue, Storm, Kitty, and Emma.

I did a large number of puzzle-sets for Upper Deck's Marvel Beginnings and I was torn between putting them up a piece a day or all at once.  Since I'm rotating in Thor sketch cards as well, some of these puzzle sets could end up being strung out for weeks, so I decided I'd pop up a complete puzzle set every Monday until I run out.

I'm  saving the big 16-card puzzle for the last Monday I'll do this.



David J. Cutler said...

Something I've always wondered about puzzle sketch cards--since sketch cards are usually inserts, will the puzzles ever in the history of man be re-assembled?

Also, jealous of your mad marker skills. The smooth and textured effects are baffling to me.

Unknown said...

I heard they now try to put all the cards from one set into a single box.

The textures are generally a result of how the card stock resisted the pigment. The smoother stuff is blending and such.

David J. Cutler said...

That speckled look is just from the card?

Unknown said...

Yeah -- it's like there's bits of pulp in the paper that just doesn't want to retain colour.