Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Blog Header

Finally got around to finishing up a new header for the blog.  This is only the third one since I started it a few years back and, considering the idea was to do a new header every month or so, I'm only around 33 headers behind schedule.

I've actually got an idea file for headers, just not enough time to execute them.  The above is based on a crocodile, but as I didn't bother digging up any reference and made some odd choices here and there, I think it would be unfair to crocodiles to consider this monster among them.

Wish I was able to finish it a few weeks earlier as I've a mind to use this as the basis for a business card (which I never seem to get round to printing).

This weekend I'll be a guest at Wizard World Toronto along with fine folks like Dale Keown, Ty Templeton, Keiren Smith, Sam Agro, Ken Lashley and host of other awesome people.

I've been asked to bring along prints of the recent Transmetropolitan piece I did (which I will) and maybe a few other things.

Hope to see you there!


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