Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I'm certain everyone reading this blog knows there's a Thor movie coming.  Heck, the reason Upperdeck (the company I've done all those sketch cards for) is even doing a card set is merchandising for the film.  Thor will look like this in the movie:
Damn -- this boy's pretty!

I really doubt the Vikings saw Thor like that.  In the stories he was a furious brawler and drinker.  He championed the stuff that people in polite society would tut-tut over and decry as the habits of the lower classes.

I dunno that a real Viking would have been impressed if Thor showed up and looked like Chris Hemsworth.  In fact, I think he'd be downright disappointed.

To paraphrase Mickey from ROCKY, they'd want a guy who looks like he could eat lightning and crap thunder, drink a whole village under the table and lay the smack down on a swarm of frost giants.  All at the same time.

A little more like the warm-up drawing I did earlier -- but taller and smells more like goats.


Anonymous said...

This is not the Vikings' Thor. This is the Marvel Comics superhero Thor, which was based on the Vikings' Thor. Important distinction.

Unknown said...

Is it really that important a distinction? Most people's idea of Thor is far closer to the current Marvel iteration than on the the indo-european source where he was called Thunder in old German (Donar, IIRC, but the "D" is really a rune I don't know the key command for).

After the movie, I more people will be running around with a locked-in picture of what Thor looks like.

I can't delete this said...

I always thought that they did a good Thor in the Sandman Series (Seasons of the Mist), def a vanir inspired Thor there, and in Scott Hamptons "The Life Eaters", very realistic in that one.

BTW this blog is excellent, just found it the other day via "Ultimate Conan" blog