Monday, 19 April 2010

Sketch Card for April 19 - Buffy Week 1/5

Since I'm re-watching Buffy while showing it to my son for the first time, I decided I'd do sketchcards of the cast from the first season. As much as I liked the character, I never found him believable as a high-school kid - considering he's only three years my junior and was around 28 when he started playing the 16-year old kinda stacked the deck against him.

I started another version of the card while still rather ill last week, couldn't get the mouth right and gave up in frustration, as you can see:

See ya tomorrow!

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Vampire Empire said...

Maybe you don't think you have the mouth right but I gotta say... the eyes are perfect. Both are very nicely done. I'm also watching again with my kids. I have a soft spot for the whole scooby gang... even Xander. XD