Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sketch Card March 9 -- Solomon Kane

So, I complained a fair bit about the rough paper in the sample pack yesterday and here's the first card I did on one of the pieces. I believe this one is supposedly a canvas texture on a very thin sheet. I was initially looking forward to working with this as it reminded me of some rough textured DC paper I was able to play with back in the early 90s. That paper took dip pen very well.
This not so much. I ended up finishing it with a brush and some un-thickened Higgins Eternal ink. I don't think I've ever experienced such a thin ink out of the bottle. It's now sitting, open, on a shelf in my studio and will likely do so for many weeks before I consider using it again.
I let the paper get to me while working and I think it shows. I "lost" the other sheet of canvas textured paper. While the other REH characters this week are also on rough surfaces, all turned better in my opinion.


Unknown said...

Again, this is another stand out piece, in my opinion. Solomon Kane is one of my favorite characters. I think you captured him perfectly. I'd be interested in purchasing this piece (or if you're feeling generous... doing a trade with you). you can see the ATC work I've done over at www.oranparker.com or www.parkerbrandcreative.com. Again, you're work is inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

You're too kind.

You do some really great ATCs too!

Trading is tempting, but I'm thinking of eventually auctioning these off for charity. I'm not sure whether to do it all for one charity or pick a different one every week.

Still thinking about that.