Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sketch Card for March 29- Alien 1/5

Was about to go to bed when I realized I hadn't posted today's (ahem -- yesterday's) sketch card.
I didn't want to start a series for this week and have a materials issue interrupt the flow like the copic problem last week (got the refills today, so I'll likely post the remaining Invincible cards tomorrow). So I decided to draw everything in pen. I decided to use the pen (Uni-ball Vision Elite) fellow artist, Guy Dorian gave me this past weekend.
It's a very nice pen. Nice ink and flow on the bristol.

The subject this week is the 70s Alien film. I don't know that I'll even draw the creature since the characters are all so amazing. I decided to lean heavily on the reference for these as well.
Here's an in-progress shot.

When I was a kid, the Alien photonovel was one of my most treasured possessions. I loved the movie - I think I saw it over a dozen times in the theater. Even today, if I'm channel-surfing and stumble across a broadcast of the film I usually start watching regardless of whatever else may be on.

Even though I loved drawing as a kid and this was frequently close at hand, I never drew from it. I should have -- I think I would have learned a great deal about lighting.

Sadly, this is a replacement for my lost original. I've no idea what happened to it -- it just disappeared at some point.

Hope you guys like this series of cards and won't mind my essentially "swiping" from stills for this -- I guess I'm just making up for something the 12-year old me should have done.

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