Sunday, 6 January 2008

(sarcasm on) I'm Having a Nice Weekend (sarcasm off)

So, everything seems to be going fine . . .
. . . then I have a Friday like I just had.
Oh, one that feels more or less like this:
Not the best way to enter a weekend.
Now, I literally didn't get hit in the head with a rock, but I'm going to run with this since I already did the doodle.
Weirdly enough, I was sort of prepared to be hit in the head with a rock because someone told me "Hey, you might get a rock thrown at your head if X happens". However, I expected to have the option of ducking, or at least having someone explain to me why the only option after X happens is for me to take a rock to the noggin'.
So, of course X did happen. Nothing could really be done about X. Then, of course, I get a rock to the head. No effort was taken to meet my rock-to-the-head expectations, and it seems ducking wasn't an option.
This is me pissed-off.
I now have to wait until Monday to get this whole rock-to-my-head thing explained to my satisfaction. I really don't see how it can be.
Then I get to explain that this might end badly for everyone but me.

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