Sunday, 20 January 2008

Last Man Standing 3

I entered Last Man Standing 3 which is a burgeoning tradition over at The theme Beneath it All messed with my head some as I kept coming up with ideas and rejecting them.
I finished my entry (yay) hours ahead of the deadline (also yay), but I'mpretty sure I read somewhere on the LMS3 thread on the forums it was requested that we don't share the work until after the whole of the entries are posted.
I really wanna share, so I'll let a few preliminary pieces out:

The initial figure sketch -- this would be scanned in, the tonal value and textures played with, additional elements addes to the whole work and eventually colourized in CS2 before porting it off to Painter for digital painting.

This is a wing -- I only drew the one. The magic of modern technology allowed me to get away with just drawing the one.

I'll post the finished piece as soon as the lot of them go live over at conceptart.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, my competitor. i is SO dead! :-) good luck friend!

Unknown said...

Thanks, but I wouldn't make any snap judgements on this until after we gets to see the work!

Good luck to you too!