Monday 7 July 2014

The Inktense Hulk

I've recently fallen in love with Derwent's Inktense water soluble pencils (see last entry).  Still in the passionate but fumbling around to find out what feels right and works best part of the relationship.  Alternated dry drawing and washes with a spray mister and waterbrush.  The Strathmore mixed media paper surface was starting to lose cohesion on the third wash, so I know the limits of that paper, but the inktense pigment held up wonderfully.  So much so I ordered the  72 colour set.

I suspect, like watercolours, the pigment will work best the less its mixed, so a broader range of colours and values should allow me to do more and more interesting things.

Few experiments I want to try going forward:

  1. sprinkle finely ground inktense pigment into a flooded surface
  2. use it as an under-painting of a sort - it's mostly waterproof after it first dries, so other water media over top should experience bleed, but I'm thinking of using transparent gesso over it then paint back over with acrylics or oils.
  3. I wouldn't mind trying to do a short comic story with this media.
  4. I've an idea for a series of urban-themed nudes I've been nursing for a while, but I didn't want to do them in oils or digitally.  This might be the approach I'll take.

1 comment:

grodog said...

I like the look of these last few water-washed pieces, Richard---they have a strongly fey vibe to them, with that diffused blending as the edges erode into alternate realities. Very evocative!

I imagine fun pieces from you based in the Greek titans and monsters and gods and heroes, or perhaps a return to Greyhawk---the Rain of Colorless Fire and Invoked Devestation in such tones =)