Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Unseen - Midnight Harvest

Unseen from the Midnight Harvest art book.

Back to colouring these in the order they were drawn.  Unseen mixed a little Oedipus with The Yellow Sign and general creepiness!
Three days left for the Midnight Harvest Kickstarter and we’ve crossed the first stretch goal and the book is now a hardcover and are very quickly closing in on the second stretch goal of a 12 page horror comic story.

24 of the 31 drawings have already been coloured, Over a third of the interior drawings have already been claimed as rewards as well.

I’ve been offering first-chance options on new art rewards to backers as well.
Please take the time to look at this art book project,  and please share with any friends you think might be interested!
Thank you!
~Richard Pace

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