Sunday, 3 February 2013

Art Prints Now on Sale!

Instructions are at the bottom of this entry.

For a few years people have been asking me to make prints available through the mail since I don't go to many conventions, and I've thought about setting something up through the blog -- perhaps a Paypal button or something similar.  It kept getting put off as I never seemed to have the time to figure out how to set all that up, but, having to suddenly buy a new car did act as a bit of a prod to do something.

All these works are printed on 11x17" Pearl Finish Ilford Galerie paper (it's a very heavy paper with a very slight gloss that holds colour and detail very well.

Each print is $20.00 individually, US or Canadian.
Shipping and Handling for regular mail to the US is $15.
Shipping and Handling for mail within Canada is $21, this includes insurance.
European shipping will have to wait for now, though if you can't drop me a note and we'll see what we can do.

Both of these are the lowest rates available for securely shipping prints of this size, I do wish it was more reasonable.

Because the postal rates are what they are, I can do a little bit to help by offering a reduced price for every print after the first for $15.  The Paypal button at the top right of my blog should allow things to get rolling!  You will have to tell me which prints you're ordering and enter the requisite shipping for your region and if you'd like me to sign the print.


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