Thursday, 15 March 2012

Burning Itch: The League of Halfway Decent Gentlemen

Alan Moore did indeed give another interview.



Anonymous said...

By this line of logic, isn't everyone that works for Marvel or DC complicit in the screwing over of Siegel, Shuster, Kirby, Ditko, Et cetera?

mrmonkey23 said...

Hilarious comic, Richard. I'm curious how many people have developed a distaste for all the works of the creators involved in the Watchmen sequel travesty after the contempt they have shown for a fellow creator? The only one whose work I somewhat followed before was Darwyn Cooke, and I'll never be able to stomach reading anything by him again. Why they thought this project was more worthwhile than pursuing something more creatively satisfying that didn't involve selling their souls to the devil I have trouble fathoming.

Thomas said...

Great approximation of Kevin O'Neill's drawing style! I almost took it for a preview of the upcoming LoEG Century: 2009.