Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The news about DC's colossal waste of talented freelancers in a desperate money-grab, with Alan Moore's response:

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Levi Smith said...

I couldn't agree more... This a sad move by DC to try to cash in on th epopularity of a great story by adding to it ina way that is not neededinany other respect than profit.

"Brian Azzarello, a comics author who is writing the mini-series for the Watchmen characters Rorschach and the Comedian, said he expected an initial wave of resistance because “a lot of comic readers don’t like new things.”"

Brian Azzarello has it wrong - comic readers are tired of the same old crap, and that all that DC AND Marvel want to put out these days,

Anonymous said...

Why should Watchmen be a sacred cow? Don't get me wrong, it's certainly one of the all-time great graphic novels, but every popular character/story gets tapped for a sequel/prequel sooner or later.

Alan Moore has made a career off of taking other peoples characters and twisting them for his own uses, so his cries of foul reek of hypocrisy.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous!

I expect Mr. Moore would have a great deal less to complain about if Watchmen was in the public domain or wholly-owned by DC and not created under the sham creator-ownership deal of the day.

If you take the time to read up on the issues at hand, you'd see there's no hypocrisy here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again.

I'm aware that Moore and Gibbons got a raw deal from DC (join the line boys)however, that's not the issue here. The chief complaint I've seen quoted from Moore is along the lines of "why pick over the corpse of my old ideas?" and this is the refrain being echoed by the outraged segment of fandom against this project.

It seems more a matter of respecting the integrity and intent of an author's work, than one of compensation or propriety, and based on his use/misuse of other authors creations I feel he is indeed being hypocritical now that the shoe is on the other foot.

That said, I enjoy your work, and look forward to the next "Burning Itch" installment.