Friday, 18 November 2011

Dick Knight Fundraising

The auction has already ended - -thanks everyone who took a look!

I'm auctioning off the original art and an 11x17" print of the completed Burning Itch strip in hopes of raising money to give to the Occupy Toronto organization

The auction is here.

My response to Frank Miller's bizarre anti-protest rant seems quite popular, being featured on a number of comics news sites and is hosted here.

Considering the day-to-day nature of such a movement my alternative would be to give all monies to my local food bank (St. Paul's On the Hill -- I'm not a Christian, but I don't think the hungry would care) where it can do some immediate good considering we're getting right into the holiday season.

The original art is pen and ink on 11x17" 300 Smooth Strathmore Bristol.  I'll sign the piece per the winning bidder's preference.  Lettering and corrections were made digitally, so there is no white paint on the paper.

The print will be 5-colour on Ilford Galerie pearl finish 290 gsm photo paper (heavy weight lustrous higher-end paper).

If the bidding goes above 500.00 I'll add an 11x17" Batman drawing for the winning bidder.

The shipping fees will cover regular delivery anywhere in North America.  Buyer may choose other delivery options at their discretion.

Considering the nature of the piece and the intended use of the funds I think it's only proper to limit the bidding to North American buyers only.

Feel free to ask any questions about the piece.


~Richard Pace

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