Saturday, 24 September 2011

Burning Itch: The Bat and the Cat

After wrapping the day drawing comics I felt I had to get this out of my head.

The new DC actually managed to hook me with a few books (which is a few books more than I was reading before this), but their mistakes have been many and the aggressive mishandling of most of their slate of female characters right from the start on the heels of the controversy over having so few female creators involved in the reboot merely reinforces the issue.



TruthSayer said...

most of them....or 2 of them.
Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl,Birds of Prey, etc all fine.

Unknown said...

I agree on Batwoman, Wonder Woman sold out so I can't comment yet, Supergirl's first issue is a fight scene with no character development or interaction, Batgirl took a super-confident and capable character and made her inept, Birds of Prey left no impression on me so I'll give you that one, Amanda Waller got the Jenny Craig treatment, Harley got a sleazy makeover for no apparent reason and this week the sole female title is Voodoo.

Not looking good to me. I do hope things improve as things go forward, the new books are announced and this just turns out to be a sad aberration.