Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dr Sketchies: Tank Girl!

Monday night was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School and the subject, in honour of the just ended Fanexpo here in Toronto, was Tank Girl.

Photographer Brynne Kennedy, dropped her camera and most of her clothes, wore a helmet and hefted toy guns to portray the titular (tee-hee) grrrrl.


I'm sure every Dr. Sketchy regular has looked at Brynne's butt quite a bit -- usually while she's standing between you and the model, but this time we were supposed to stare at it.

Which was, you know, fine by me. . .

5-minutes -- or less as I goofed off some with Sharleena and the others at her table

Liked playing with the Pentel brush for the two little doodles at the bottom there.

There were the usual challenges. The first was to incorporate one of Tank Girl's kangaroo lovers. I didn't have any idea what to draw until the last minute. I won, but I think it was a victory of punch-line over drawing.

The second challenge was to give Tank Girl a Rob Liefeld-style gun. Brynne had actually written "Up yours" on her cheeks, in the actual pose she teased down her "shorts" to reveal that. I didn't really want her holding a giant Liefeld gun in her ass, so I changed it up a bit.

The last drawing was more inspired by the costume than her pose -- Brynne took a Flashdance-style pose stretched across a chair, but I really wanted her to take this sort of pose.

Brynne was such a great sport she actually took one extra pose like that after we were supposed to be done -- the drawing next to the ink sketches above was all I managed to do before time ran out. I was pacing myself for 10 minutes even though I knew it was a 5-minute pose.

As always, Sketchy's was a blast and a half. It was packed last night and I think Brett had to turn people away -- thus earning his nickname as "The Despot"! It's two of my fave models in two weeks, so I'm gonna show early.



Sharlena Wood said...

Good things come outta goofing off! I had a great night, so much fun. Thanks for the sweet ass, btw ;) See you in two weeks Sept 14th, I bet we're gonna have to kick some *** to get a seat >_<

Sharlena Wood said...

My favorite is the last PLAYBOY-like pose....you captured it perfectly! :)