Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Wanted to do something more horror-oriented, which I did, but I ended up too busy to get to put it up until now. I had to make a choice between a commission I finished last week and this, decided I'd rather start off March with a more polished bit of art than finish of February with it, even though the other was done first ( it's more obviously a fantasy-thing, which also pushed this ahead, since, like I said, I wanted something more horror-oriented).

It's a Mind-Flayer, also called an Illithid, I've called 'em squid-heads -- they're a Dungeons and Dragons critter that enjoys a diet of brains!

Really, what's not to love?

Yah, I know that brings it back to fantasy, but the 'flayers are so obviously a tip of the hat to Lovecraft and the popular image of Cthulhu that it really counts as a horror image.
Well, at least I think it does.
More tomorrow!


Chup@Cabra said...

The mind flayer is my absolute favorite DnD monster of all time (next to the Beholder and the Githyanki/Githzerai).

As a matter of fact, years ago I had a somewhat twisted idea running through my head, so I had several artists render it in order to 'exercise' the idea from my mind (warning: explicit images in the following links):

Unknown said...


That's some serious flayer action.