Monday, 16 April 2007


Another thing from my sketchbook:

Graphite (fancy artist-speak fer pencil) and black watercolour pencil crayon. I guess it could be labelled a Fafhrd drawing, but I wasn't really thinking of any specific character when doing this.
I had a meeting with the lovely and talented Goran Delic ( ) last week about some Max the Mutt business and we touched on using watercolour pencil crayons during a digression. I hadn't used them in years, even though I actually have a few sets laying around the studio. Started drawing this on Saturday in the book, realised I wanted to play with the black pencil crayon I packed up with my sketching gear. After scribbling a bit more I realised I didn't pack a brush.
So I swooshed the colour around with a napkin dipped in water. Was fun, but I dunno if I can recommend the technique!
Red Sonja auction update:
I got a few off-ebay questions, but the offers made that way had to be declined -- sorry! There's just over a day left before it's over! Remember, you're not just getting a nice drawing out of this, but you're helping to alleviate my overwhelming desire to own every art tool I see!

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