Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Scanning for Red!

I saw a new scanner the other day -- a nice 11x17" Mustek.

I've always wanted an 11x17" scanner, since using my 8.5x11" scanner is a pain to use when trying to input oversized art to my computer. Comics pages are 11x17", so you can see the immediate gratification to be had by swapping for one of this bigger puppies.

I almost made it an impulse buy; it's reasonably priced and the place is more than willing to ship to Canada, but, I really don't need an 11x17" scanner at this particular moment.

That doesn't stop me from still wanting it now!

So, instead of trying to justify the expense I thought I'd try to do something directly related to paying for this new scanner. I thought about just doing an open call for commissions, but there are some characters I'd rather not draw or are actually too much effort to add on top of my current workload. SO I decided to do this:

This is a sketch of another Red Sonja piece I was planning to do reasonably soon. I've decided to do an auction for the finished version of this drawing. It'll be completed on 11x17" 2-ply bristol board (see , I tied that plus-size scanner measurement into this!)

Here's the Ebay listing:

(Auction is over, so I deleted the link)

More details on payment and shipping and scheduling can be found at that link. If this works out, I'll make this weekly thing -- so feel free to make suggestions for other sketch-to-final art auctions.
And - -just for the heck of it, here's a quick funky colour version of the sketch:


Anthony Carpenter said...

Cool piece, Richard.

I saw the sketch over at Pin-Up Heaven, but not the color version. Very nice!
I like the blood on her sword. That's always a nice touch. :)

Good luck with your auction.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Anthony!