Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Sonora Kid

Damon Sasser asked me to do a Sonora Kid sketch for an upcoming issue of one of his REH fanzines (look at http://www.rehtwogunraconteur.com/).
Now, I read one of the REH collections that had Sonora Kid stories in it years ago, but wasn't able to find it, so Damon kindly passed along the tale Knife, Bullet and Noose. It's a typical Howard yarn; smart, tough guy in the wrong sort of situation -- a real good read, but it didn't really give me a hook into the character. So I ended up doing a bunch of other things to get inspired: watched Once Upon a Time in the West again, flipped through my Frank Schoonover and Time/Life Old West books.
At the end, I realised that I had to play towards what I didn't feel with the character. Hence the heavy shadows, vague features and fluttering duster.
Hope y'all like it despite my limitations. . . .

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