Thursday, 5 April 2007

Black and White and Red

More Red Sonja.
What's not to love about a bikini made out of quarters? I wanted to do something more elaborate with Sonja since my last coloured sketch of her, so this is a tighter drawing on 11x17" plate bristol (DC Comics paper), done as if it were a cover by leaving room for logo, trade dress and credits. I've been doing non-comics stuff for so long it felt great doing something along these lines again. I'll prolly colour it when I get a spare few hours.
Next up will probably be another Howard character I've been fiddling with for a little while.


evildm said...

I like the intensity she's displaying. she looks all wound up and ready to explode all over those lizard boys. good job!

Unknown said...


Maybe the next time I draw Red, she'll actually be exploding all over something!

Erm - -mayeb I could have written that differently. . . .

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Very sharp, Richard. Like to see you do an issue of Sonja.

Unknown said...


Yeah -- I'd like to do something with Sonja, too. Gotta convince DE of that!