Monday, 22 January 2007

More Vampi

Gah -- this early in and I already hit a hiccough in keeping the blog steady. Excuses? Why, yes, I do have a few. I turned 39 on the 12th, losing that weekend, and had my knee go kablooey midweek (actually, it sounded more like bubble wrap popping at it twisted). I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow about the knee, but there's nothing to be done about getting older.

I did do something for the blog, on top of teaching and freelancing:a pencil drawing of Vampi. I'm intending to ink this, which explains the lack of tone and odd white areas behind Vampi, but I'll probably post a few other things first to try and get my rhythm back while I break out the brushes and nibs. I might even colour it afterwards. If I'm happy with the end result, I might send it along to Fangoria.

I feel this Vampi is more traditional than the one I did back in '95 -- I do think I have more control over her facial features and proportions. I guess that whole experience thing does eventually pay off!

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