Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 Zombie

As promised, I'm starting off the year with another zombie drawing.
Few more things to note as the year ends:
- The December Zuda contest ended and Aeons of the Dead won, congratulations to the creator, Dean Hsieh, of course. I have the same misgivings about the strip that I had back when I first reviewed it, but producing a new page every week should certainly give him plenty of opportunities to improve.
- I'm now playing with an idea that could make an interesting Zuda entry, but I have to decide if I will even have the time to make the eight pages any time soon with my pending schedule. As much as I like the idea and format, winning could be a weird work disadvantage to my plans this year.
- Despite my doodle above, my New Year wish is for no more zombie comics. Kirkman's and the ones lurching around in The Goon are enough for me.
- Fingers crossed for a Pittsburgh Super Bowl!
- If I understand my schedule, I start teaching at Durham on the 13th -- lots of stuff to prep before then.
- I finally watched my Iron Man DVD -- the best Marvel hero film ever, though Blade still hits all the right buttons for me. I'm happy Norrington is finally directing again despite the debacle that LOEG was.
-Another drawing exercise to prep for this Saturday as well as a few small assignments to wrap. Despite the increased work load, I'm going to try to keep the updates on this blog steady and try to get close to what I did this past December.

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Aaron said...

Hey how much would it cost me for you 2 draw a Bio hazard Zombie Drawing in pencil?

Please Contact me on

I would Like to know before the 1 of November thanks alot